Game Rules

If you as a player know something your character does not, then they should think and act accordingly. Metagaming is playing your character with knowledge that they should not have. This is a huge no-go! Always think about what your character would do, not what you would do.

This is essentially when someone’s character has the ability to do practically anything without limits or boundaries. Your character will be no more powerful than anyone else and will be just as vulnerable to a boulder in the face as anyone else.

Explicit Content
I’d like to hope we’re clear with this: no explicit content will be RP’d. Fade to black, please!

Player vs Player Fights
To keep the peace this is not allowed unless discussed beforehand. That includes stealing from party members.

Out of Session RP
I believe this enriches character development and encourage it. This can be between players or a player and myself with an NPC. I’m happy to do this over mediums like Facebook Messenger or Skype. Rules are as following:

  • The RP cannot alter the next session as in progress the story line. If the last session ends in an inn, then the characters need to end up in that inn with no effect to the environment around them.
  • All sessions must be posted to the Adventure Log! The only exception is at DM approval if it is something meant to be kept secret from other players.

Characters can die, but bringing them back will be possible. However there will always be a great cost to this. The cost will come in many forms be it monetary or otherwise. Perhaps you will be deeply indebted priests who resurrected you. Maybe something in the afterlife sent you back and now you have a new mission to complete or else have your soul cursed for eternity. If an ally pushed for your return, perhaps they had to give something important of theirs to do so. Ultimately the choice is yours whether to take on a challenge or start fresh.

Off-Limit Subjects
This is a game and games are supposed to be fun. I will be asking at game start if there are any off-limit subjects for people that will take things from enjoyable to miserable. If at any time anything crosses a line, please inform me right away. There will be no judgments and I will do my best to ensure a solution is reached that works for everyone.

Game Rules

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